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After winning the MLG X-Games Aspen invitational, then signing with the new organization, the team continued to prove that they were among the best in the world, most of the time staying right behind Fnatic, the best team in CS:GO’s history, in world rankings across the community

In February, EnVyUs participated in the Inferno Online Pantamera Challenge, where they managed to find a 3rd place finish after losing to Fnatic 2-1 in the consolation final. Just over a month later, the team travelled to Katowice, Poland to attend CS:GO’s 5th major, ESL One: Katowice 2015. After placing first in their group, they faced Natus Vincere in the quarterfinals and won the series reasonably comfortably, with score-lines ending at 16-12, 14-16 and 16-3. They then went on to face the Ninjas in Pyjamas, and weren’t quite prepared for what GeT_RiGhT’s squad had awaiting for them, and lost the Bo3 series 0-2. Even despite this, losing in the semifinals to a team who were top 4 at the time was nothing to be ashamed of, and EnVy left Poland with a top 4 placing.
It wasn’t long until EnVy had once again found their form, winning titles at Gfinity Spring Masters 1 and the StarLadder StarSeries XII LAN final, with both tournaments seeing EnVy destroy NiP in Best of 5 series, 3-1 and 3-0, respectively. At StarSeries, they proved that they were still a top team and still worthy of fear, winning Best of 3s against TSM, Na’Vi, and NiP before reaching the final.